About Ryan

About Ryan Seifert


There are many great ideas; EXECUTION selects the ideas that change the world.

I have an innate urge to understand how systems work; that urge lead me to get a name for myself at the very young age of 10. It quickly became known that I was not to be left alone with your new toys. The first RC car I encountered had the case off within the day; the first integrated circuit radio, I barely stopped at the shrink wrap. The majority of the time everything worked again; with some new “improvements” that were, at least in my opinion, outstanding. That curiosity has followed me through my life and my career; manifesting as a need to understand both the high level requirements and the minute details of the implementation.

Throughout my career I have attacked problems head on; with dogged determination and perseverance. This tenacity allowed me to successfully complete projects what many would have considered impossible or extremely difficult. I have built and been responsible for a wide range of technology; from integrating onsite proprietary database to designing and maintaining a software as a service (Saas) solution in the cloud. Recently I have attacked new challenges as a Chief Technology Officer; allowing me to focus not only on technology but also on managing the development team, setting development standards, and providing new business processes. My career track record has shown that I am:
– Perpetually curious
– Enjoy new challenges
– Calm under pressure
– Select the right tools for the project
– Collaborates with teams to ensure the best solutions are implemented
– Excellent at translating tech speak
– Dedicated to ensuring the success of the team and company
– Committed to executing new ideas and directives quickly and correctly

I enjoy making new acquaintances. Don’t hesitate to contact me (RyanSeifert@earthlink.net) if you want to talk technology, business, or just have a fun app idea.