FCC Comment Page Buckles To Its Knees After John Oliver Asks Everyone To Comment

FCC Comment Page Buckles to Its Knees After John Oliver Asks Everyone to Comment

On Monday morning, we wrote about John Oliver’s brilliant report on net neutrality, which ended with a stirring “call to action” for internet commenters to tell the FCC why it should preserve a free and open internet. If you somehow…

Ryan Seifert‘s insight:

I can’t say I have ever watched the show before now; but I am a fan now. The segment really did wonders on explaining the issue and providing some much needed background on the problem now. Even better are the results; with the outcry crashing their page (and locking their phone lines).

If you haven’t voiced your opinion to the FCC on this; please do. Keeping net neutrality is very important to ensuring new companies and technology stay stateside.

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