EVERY eBay Account Holder Hacked

EVERY eBay Account Holder Hacked

Hackers obtain name, address, date of birth, telephone number, email address and password of 233 million people

Ryan Seifert‘s insight:

It seems like we can’t go 6 months without hearing about a high-profile hack; with significant numbers of accounts being compromised. This one hit close to home; I have many family and friends who are avid eBay users. My phone sounded like a PBS pledge drive after I sent out texts letting them know it was time to change their passwords. After the bewilderment passed the most common question was; how do I avoid this again.

I went with my normal tactic of introducing them to LastPass; but came up short when they asked for a free alternative for their phones (various versions of iOS and Android). A couple minutes of searching provided a decent answer; if a bit difficult to setup. KeePass can use Dropbox to sync the encrypted passwords between devices.  Took some tinkering but looks to work pretty well.

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