Cross-Platform Mobile Development: PhoneGap vs Xamarin 2

3 different operating systems, 3 separate languages and development environments, and counting.  To be able to cater to all of these operating systems natively, mobile app developers need to have someone able to be an expert in each of these programming languages and also be an expert in the nuances of how each mobile operating system works.  Task lifecycles, multi-threading, memory limitations, garbage collection, etc.

Thus to have 1 app developed in its native language and environment will take 3 times as long. Thus tripling the cost of development.

Ryan Seifert‘s insight:
An interesting article on which platforms to use for different projects. We have been scouring the current state of cross-platform development before launching into a new mobile application; but we have run into many questions on which system to use.

This quick read does a fantastic job listing the strengths and weaknesses of these two popular platforms. I walked away from the article with a better understanding of the platforms and even a general overview of the architecture involved in the development.

The closing argument for utilizing Xamarin for larger projects was very sound and a point not often encountered in comparison articles. I am looking to run a couple small apps to gain some first hand experience on them; but with the size of the projects and the possibility for growth the choice for now seams clear.

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2 thoughts on “Cross-Platform Mobile Development: PhoneGap vs Xamarin

  • Tony Harris

    Awesome; we can post now!

    I like the article; but it should include some more options. We are still looking at building on each system; anything that could push the limits of the device will perform bad with hybrid. There is always a difference on UI as well; changing the experience for the user. Have you considered building on each?

  • Scotty Bishop

    It will come down to 1 question; do you need to get direct access to the API? If you do needs to be native or or Xamarin; it can be painful to create the plugins for Phonegap.

    One fun option is Sencha; which is nice if you are looking to do a site as well. Can be difficult to get at the more rarely used phone devices though.

    Looking forward to hearing how your build goes.