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Four Million to One

Four Million to One

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As we pass four million Trello members I thought it would be a good time to share with other small software development teams the fact that providing high quality support doesn’t have to be expensive or impossible.  This includes a one business day initial response window for all newly created cases and making sure to follow through on all open cases until resolution.  With just a few tools and some dedicated time, it is possible for even just one person like myself to support our entire member base

Ryan Seifert‘s insight:

This is really inspiring!


I love the thought put into the support system. Many times support takes on the role of firefighter; reacting to extinguish flare ups and hopping from one fire to the next. The critical points I spot are the extensive online help (with Analytics even!), the canned email responses, and the smooth ability to escalate support issues. It is exciting to see how a single person can support over four million users!

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