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Microsoft Open Sources C# Compiler

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The .NET Compiler Platform (“Roslyn”) provides open-source C# and Visual Basic compilers with rich code analysis APIs. You can build code analysis tools with the same APIs that Microsoft is using to implement Visual Studio!




Ryan Seifert‘s insight:

Microsoft is on a roll with interesting updates! They just released their C# compiler as open source! This is fantastic news for Mono and Xamarin (Xamarin has been great for mobile device development). I’m looking forward to seeing the improvements in all of the surrounding open source products as they leverage this new viability into the C# compiler.

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Announcing .NET Native Preview

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We’re thrilled to announce the first release of .NET Native. Windows Store apps start up to 60% faster with .NET Native and have a much smaller memory footprint. Our first release is a Developer Preview that allows you to develop and test apps with this new compiler. This preview release of .NET Native offers you the performance of C++ with the productivity of C#.  .NET Native enables the best of both worlds!

Ryan Seifert‘s insight:

I have been anxiously awaiting compiling down to native code since I started using C# more than C/C++. This first release is appears to be limited to only Windows Store apps; but I am hopeful that this can be expanded in the near future.

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